The GREFFET drain ditcher creates channels that allow water to drain off the roadway.

It is equipped with 2 telescopic arms allowing it to dig drainage channels up to 2 meters long.
In order to ensure effective water drainage, the horizontal slope is 6°.

It is also equipped with a standard 50 cm diameter rotor as well as a skid shoe to ensure the position of the ditcher in relation to the road.

The protective casing ensures the safety of the system.

Required control valves :
  • 1 double-acting control valve for extending the 2 telescopic arms.
  • 1 single-acting control valve for lifting and operating angle.
  • 1 double acting control valve for the hydraulic motor.

If the tractor is not equipped with 2 double-acting control valves and one single-acting control valve, there is
the option to install a single solenoid valve capable of operating the arm extension and machine lifting.

  • GREFFET hydraulic cabling.
  • Electrical wiring from the dealer (switch, wiring harness, etc.).
» Examples of drainage channels made by our ditcher: