Inventor and manufacturer of offset ditchers since 1968, GREFFET specialises in the manufacture
of rotary trenchers,
for such diverse industries as Agriculture, Roadways (equipment), as well as the private sector with its business lines.

  • The only multi-purpose machine with an in-use variable offset from 1.5 m to 2.6 m.
  • Drain ditcher.
  • A full product line-up: 0.65 m to 4.5 m offset
  • Interchangeable rotors: from 300 to 800 mm diameter
  • Heavy-duty drive train in a watertight housing
  • 5 expulsion types with multiple settings through tilting components.
Manufacturers of steel buildings designed for industrial and agricultural use
  • Supporting the client from defining the project through to delivery
  • Strength of materials calculations.
  • Design - Manufacture - Installation